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YIPST101: Staff Training on Outcome Based Education

n OBE, E – Education for Employability…. !!

Outcome for Student (End Result – Placement/Higher Education/Entrepreneurship) are of paramount importance in education. Outcome Based Education (OBE) aims for dynamic and learner centric futuristic development of students. Due to industry revolutions, faster technological developments in software and allied artificial intelligence integrations, pandemic like covid-19, placement scenarios and entrepreneurship/business opportunities are changing rapidly. Mere completion of process without inculcating dynamism and higher order thinking skills of job market/business opportunities is not appreciable in OBE.

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WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress

This course will guide you through every single step from installation to finished website. I’ll show you how you can install Wordpress on your own computer for free, so you don’t have to pay for a domain name or hosting fees while you complete this course. Once you’ve got Wordpress installed on your computer, you will learn how to build and run a successful, beautiful, responsive-design website you can be proud of.

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